Jade Cline Teen Mom Star Is Engaged to Boyfriend Sean Austin: ‘Love Always Prevails’

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2 are getting married soon.

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Is Engaged to Boyfriend Sean Austin: 'Love Always Prevails'

The MTV reality show’s stars have recently gotten engaged, as Cline revealed in a video she uploaded to her TikTok on Thursday.

Cline, 26, described in the video how Austin proposed to her while he was on one knee.

Before getting down on one knee and popping the question, Austin could be seen leaving the single mom with a bunch of flowers.

Cline said as Austin unlocked the box to display the ring, “Oh my god, it’s so enormous.” After a long hug and laugh, the couple was subsequently joined by their daughter Kloie, who will turn five on September 18.

Several cameramen could be seen surrounding the happy couple as they were being filmed for MTV’s Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which Cline will appear on when it debuts on September 6.

The single mother was stunned when Austin proposed to her while holding a bunch of red roses. The couple hugged after saying “yes,” then celebrated with loved ones and friends, including their 4-year-old daughter Kloie.

She captioned the video, “our happily ever after has just begun.” “So happy we found Ginny to share this! We worked hard for this, and I’ll [sic] be Mrs. Austin in October 2023. I’m really happy of where we are now. Love always wins out.
The MTV personality also used her Instagram Stories to offer her 656,000 followers a closer look at the enormous teardrop diamond ring from Reis-Nichols Jewelers, which was “just” what she “always wanted.”

Our happily ever after has just started, Cline said in the caption of the video. “I’m so happy we can share this at last! We worked hard for this, and I’m incredibly happy of where we are now. I’ll be Mrs. Austin in October 2023. Love always wins out.”

In a since-deleted Q&A on her Instagram Story, Cline stated that they had had chosen a date for October 2023 with a “Gothic Victorian kind of motif” and that a “wedding special” was undoubtedly going to happen.

They really got engaged during the first week of July, but Cline admitted in a series of Instagram Story Q&As that they kept it a secret for their new program, “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.”

Because cameras could be seen recording in the backdrop of the TikTok video, it appears that fans will get a more in-depth look at the couple’s significant event.

The two had been engaged “since the first week of July,” she added, but she chose not to announce the happy news on social media to prevent spoiling too much of the upcoming Teen Mom season.

The pair has already begun arranging their wedding. According to Cline, they had already reserved a location for October 2023 with a “Gothic Victorian kind of motif.” She added that she “of course” wants a unique wedding.

On “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant,” viewers first met Cline and Austin in 2018 and have since seen many of their ups and downs, including Austin seeking addiction treatment and initially breaking up in 2019.

In the spring, they started dating again, and it seems like things have stayed that way ever since.

When they re-activated their Instagram account in May, Cline commented, “You are a fantastic man and father. You have significantly matured. Over the years, a huge number of people have supported you. Your strength, commitment, and resilience are evident in the fact that you shared this experience with the world. I’m glad to have supported you since I’ve always known who you are.

On MTV, “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” debuts on September 6 at 8 p.m. ET.


our happily ever after has just begun. So glad we cam ginally share this! Ill be Mrs. Austin October 2023 ❤️ we worked for this and im so proud of where we are. Love always prevails.

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