Piers Morgan lashes out at Kerry Kennedy for lauding Harry, Meghan as heroes


Piers Morgan has lambasted Kerry Kennedy as she honoured Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for taking stand against alleged royal family ‘racism’.

In conversation with the “Fox & Friends” hosts on Monday, the former Good Morning Britain host flayed the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, saying: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting and shame on Kerry Kennedy, frankly, for besmirching the name and memory of her father in this way.”

The 57-year-old went on saying: “The idea that these two little grifters, who quit royal duty, quit Britain… exploited and fleeced their royal titles for hundreds of millions of dollars straight in their back pocket…the idea that they’re being lauded as some kind of heroes in America by your own sort of royal family, if you like, the Kennedys, it really sticks in my gullet.”

He continued: “And I think they should rethink this, because I think it just to me, it epitomises the malaise of modern celebrity when you have two people going out of their way to trash their families on national television.”

“And I’m sorry, but as a monarchist and as somebody who loves this country, I think it’s completely outrageous that they are now being given the cloak of honour and prestige and branded heroes by a Kennedy… Honestly, words fail me,” Morgan concluded.

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