Letters, Nov. 25, 2022: ‘Stop spending like Marie Antoinette’


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So the mayor and council are deliberating on a four-year budget with increased taxes on the table. Well, I’m sure Calgary’s four-year budget requires a pretty big table indeed. I can’t imagine the multiple billions of real dollars that will be spread out upon this metaphorical table. Now with all due respect, although I’m not privy to the actual financial or business acumen that our mayor and council have at their command to manage such staggering fiscal amounts, I’m not at all confident they have the required skills. I have yet to see any evidence to prove otherwise. So with this in mind, and as a property-owning, tax-paying citizen, may I make a suggestion to city hall? Do not spend more money that none of us will ever have. Just stop spending like Marie Antoinette and start saving a little bit. What a concept! It might not be popular around the big table at city hall, but it would show real leadership and financial responsibility. And in this regard, that is all we require from our mayor and council, those folks at the top of the city food chain. Fiscal feasting today and tomorrow will most certainly lead to increased taxation and grossly inflated debt loads. Bringing about deeper starvation budgets, and diets, for working Calgarians in the near future.

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(Sorry, Neil, they don’t recognize your suffering or the suffering of seniors on their watch.)


Let’s be honest! FIFA and the IOC are the same. Both organizations are corrupt and have been led by individuals who have knowingly received bribes from host countries in the past and today. It doesn’t take a genius to realize Qatar bought their way into hosting the World Cup. It would be interesting to find out how much money was paid by Qatar to certain voting nations and how much FIFA officials pocketed during this deceitful voting process. Let’s hope the soccer that is played during this World Cup is more genuine than the leaders of their football consortiums. Many sport organizations today are so dishonourable and unscrupulous they believe they can get away with anything. Just ask Hockey Canada!

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(Not a great time for sports bodies.)


Rachel Notley should look at the union’s contracts that support her. Most have health spending accounts, as I did. They are used for paying expenses above what your plan covers. Prescription fees not covered, therapy, chiropractic, dental, etc. This money saves your out-of -pocket expenses. Almost every union has these plans. Wake up, Rachel.


(Trust us, she know unions.)


I just want to share with the Calgary Sun readers of a new scam. We received a voicemail indicating our credit card has been froze. It was the correct banking institution for the credit card, but the number they provided on the voicemail did not match the number on the back of the credit card. Please don’t fall for this. When in doubt, always contact your bank directly.


(There’s usually some sort of clue, which is why they target seniors so often.)

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