Fortnite Fracture Chapter 3 Finale Event Start Time Revealed Alongside New Multiplayer Feature


Fortnite Chapter 3 is ending, and the Chapter 3 finale event, Fracture, is less than two weeks away. Today, Epic revealed the first visual tease of the event since its name was revealed during the FNCS. Along with that teaser image come a few other remarks from the developer-publisher, including exactly when you can play, how many friends can join you in your party, and the introduction of a new party-up ability that will ensure no one has to fend off the fracture alone. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Fracture event.

Fortnite event start time

The Fortnite Chapter 3 finale, Fracture, will be a one-time-only event that begins on December 3 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. As usual, the playlist to get into the event will open up 30 minutes beforehand, and it’s recommended you get there early to reserve your spot. I’ve not heard of anyone being denied entry to similar Fortnite events due to server overload, and Epic seems hellbent on ensuring it can always house every single player who tries to attend, but just in case, getting there early is a good idea.

Typically these events last for about 12-15 minutes and unfold almost like live theater that each player experiences firsthand as a direct participant in the plot. Curiously, Epic noted that players who arrive late can join the event in progress until as late as 40 minutes after it begins, implying this event may go on much longer, or perhaps some element of the event will stay accessible for a while after until servers eventually go offline.

For those who wish to play with a group, squads of up to four can load into the event together, and if you have less than a full squad, an event-specific emote will be enabled that will allow you to party-up with other players running around in your instance but not yet in your party.

Wake up babe, Reality Zero is being existentially threatened again.

It’s assumed, though not yet confirmed, that Chapter 4 will begin the following morning, December 4, and introduce Fortnite’s fourth island, codenamed Asteria. A new chapter has always come with a brand-new map in years past, so it seems like a safe bet. By the time Fracture is concluded, it very well may be obvious that the Chapter 3 island is no more anyway. Typically, these Fortnite events in total annihilation of the Fortnite world as we know it, and with the Chrome currently spreading across the island unabated, our heroes are once again in jeopardy.

Ahead of the event, you’d do well to polish off this season’s ongoing quests, battle pass, and other in-game challenges. This includes:

  • Achieving level 100 in the battle pass for all standard rewards, or 200 for all bonus rewards
  • Finishing all Paradise Quests, which tell the story of Chapter 3, Season 4
  • Finishing all Nothing Quests, which unlock additional styles for one of the season’s battle pass pickaxes
  • Earning all levels with this seasons Level Up pack, which grants 28 exclusive challenges, each rewarding a full battle pass level
  • Spending all gold bars–you may not be able to take them with you where you’re going
  • Finishing all Herald Quests, which unlock all rewards for this season’s bonus character and narrative villain, The Herald

You’ll have until December 3 to do anything else on this list, so there’s still time. An pair of in-game theme weeks will also help usher in the new chapter. This week is Avian Ambush Week, with loot chickens taking over the island’s wildlife population, with special quests available to give you an extra XP boost. The final week, as usual, will be Bargain Bin Week, where all things bought with in-game gold will see reduced prices, making it easier to buy those Mythics you love so much.

After all of that, grab three friends and give The Herald everything you’ve got. Maybe it won’t be enough, but at least you’ll go down swinging.

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