Football fever! Kerala villagers buy house, ONLY Reason: Watch FIFA World Cup 2022


New Delhi: FIFA World Cup 2022 excitement drove a group of 17 football lovers in Kerala to purchase a for-sale home in order to watch the games together. An agreement was reached for Rs 23 lakh so that football lovers in Mundakkamugal, a tiny village in Kochi district, could watch the matches together.

The mansion is decorated in the colours of Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal for the FIFA World Cup. Additionally, the football nuts have decorated their recently purchased residence with paintings of some of the current game’s legends, such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

For the FIFA World Cup 2022, “We planned to do something spectacular,” one of the buyers, Shefeer PA, said to ANI. “The 17 of us paid Rs 23 lakhs for this house, which was already for sale, and decked it with FIFA team flags. Additionally, we have arranged to meet here to watch the game on a big screen TV.

They had a tradition of watching football games together long before the group chose to purchase the home. The gang has convened to watch World Cup football games collectively for the previous 15 to 20 years. “Our next generation will be able to take pleasure in this gathering in the future, and their solidarity will endure,” Shefeer remarked.

“We intend to get a large TV. We’ll set up everything so that guests of all ages may come and take in the game together.

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