Dirty rooms. Lost reservations. How do hotels solve guest problems?


When a hotel stay doesn’t meet your expectations, you may be inclined to slam the property on social media or write a bad review online, but that shouldn’t be your first move.

“The guest has a lot of power compared to before,” and hotels know that, according to Dr. Mehmet Erdem, an associate professor of hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “When things go wrong, it’s in the best interest of (the) hotel to take care of the issue, so it doesn’t grow.” 

Hotel staff can often address common issues much quicker in person, but if they don’t, there may be reasons for that. From what to expect when hotel hiccups arise to how to avoid problems in the first place, here’s what you should know before your next hotel stay.

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What should hotel guests know before check-in?

Just because a hotel has a certain brand in its name, it doesn’t mean that’s the company that runs it.

“Is it an affiliated hotel? is it an independent hotel? is it an owner-operated hotel?” Erdem said. “It can be owned by somebody, branded by, say, a big name, and managed by a second-tier management company.”  

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