Boeing 777’s night landing view from cockpit takes internet by storm, netizens STUNNED: Watch viral video


Flight journeys not only make you reach your destination in a short span of time but also give you the best views from ‘Cloud 9.’ In order to get the best views from a plane, one should choose the window seat as it is more private, and gives you the perfect shot for your Instagram story. The sight at night from window seats leaves passengers mesmerised, but have you ever wondered if a cityscape from a window seat can amaze travellers, then how beautiful can a view from the cockpit be? A video recently took over the internet by storm showing the night landing from a Boeing 777 plane. 

The video left netizens stunned with the breathtaking view as the aircraft was about to land at an airport at night. The video shows lights which are required for safety purposes and are used to alert the personnel working around the aircraft in low light hours. The lights further allows aircraft identification in flight, and some lights also help the pilots to navigate the aircraft on the ground and help to view certain structures of the aircraft.

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The viral video shows the same lights but looks like stars have taken over the ground. It was shared across social media platforms and has garnered over 189K views on Twitter. “Cockpit view of a 777 night landing,” read the tweet. The netizens were stunned to see the view and hence took over the comments section.

Netizens have not only appreciated the view but have also appreciated a pilot’s job. “Wish I could fly one,” read the tweet of one netizen. “This is absolutely amazing,” read the tweet of another. One of the Twitter users’ appreciated the job of the pilots as he wrote that it’s the best job one can have. “The best job in the world,” read his tweet. 

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